The Environmental Group Limited

The way to PFAS extraction

On the search for a viable method for removing PFAS from our water

Bluescope Steel – Sinter Plant Waste Gas Cleaning Plant Bypass

An ambitious project developed by Bluescope that involved the installation of a large regenerable activated carbon filter to clean the gases exiting from the ESP, before they reach the stack for final discharge.

BINGO – Mixed-Waste Recycling Facility | Western Sydney, Australia

The facility has been designed to drastically increase the amount of waste diverted from landfills and manufacturing. 

Rino Project – World’s largest Waste Processing Facility

Designed to achieve market-leading landfill diversion and recovery rates of up to 99%, with a processing capacity of 475 tonnes per hour.

Revolutionising Air Quality: Removing Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) from Inlet Gas Streams 

Breathing Fresh: Unveiling the Magic Behind Our Air-Cleaning Odyssey

Multi-million-dollar contract in South East Asia

Design, supply and install of a diverter damper exhaust system for a project in Indonesia.