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Waste Services
Complete solutions for the waste industry
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Waste Services
Complete solutions for the waste industry
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Tailored Design

Design & construction to your requirements.

Expert Team

With Turmec, we provide world leading recycling solutions.

Project Management

From consultation, design, construction to completion.

Circular Economy

Products and services across the entire circular economy.

Peace of Mind

An ASX-listed company.

Developing your cutting-edge waste management plant.


In cooperation with Turmec, we are a leader in recycling plant design that offers design consultancy as an integrated part of a bespoke suite of services. With over 45 years of industry experience designing and developing cutting-edge plants, we provide a no-risk design solution to meet the needs of each individual plant.

Plant Design

We design and implement: 1. C&D Waste 2. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) 3. Fines Cleaning 4. Glass Recycling 5. Refuse Derived Fuel 6. C&I Waste

Plant Design

Our flexibility extends to accommodating any budget, floor plan, or project stage, whether it involves designing an entirely new plant or integrating into an existing facility.

Onsite Service

We firmly believe our clients’ success is our success. We take pride in our close after-sales support and believe our success is built on how we partner with our clients throughout the process.

Plant Upgrades

At our clients’ request, we can advise on a partial or complete modernisation of your plant or installation, and we can provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for any required level of support and response time.

Providing end-to-end, industry-leading waste management systems

Providing end-to-end, industry-leading waste management systems

Complete Project Management

Existing Plant Upgrades

Service & Maintenance

Air Extraction

Our Recycling Plants

Tailored Construction for Your Specific Requirements

Construction & Demolition

Commercial & Industrial

Municipal Solid Waste

Refuse Derived Fuel

Autoclave & Medical Waste

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Fire & Asbestos Detection

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