The Environmental Group Limited

Rino - The largest construction and demolition waste recovery site in Australia.

Year 2023
Design, supply, and installation of a Rino (C&D) recovery site

Rino - Fully Integrated Recycling Solution

Year 2023

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Material Type: Construction & Demolition (C&D), Commercial & Industrial (C&I), Wet Processing Plant
Tonnes per Hour: 475,000 tonnes

Value: € 30M

Project Timeline: March 2022 – November 2023


THE Project

The new project will be one of the largest Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste recovery sites in Australia. The Rino facility is designed to achieve market-leading landfill diversion and recovery rates of up to 99%, with a processing capacity of 475 tonnes per hour. Recovered C&D materials will be recycled by Rino Recycling into a range of high-quality sand, fill, road bases, and aggregate materials, which will be supplied back into new construction projects.

The Pinkenba project forms part of a multi-million Australian dollar capital investment programme by Rino Recycling to meet growing demand for material recovery and recycling in South East Queensland. This comes on the back of Australian government environmental regulations to support increased recovery rates and diversion from landfills, including a new landfill levy in Queensland,
which is planned to increase annually. Significant growth in construction activities as part of a 25-year development plan for the region is also driving recycling demand for waste construction materials, including major transportation, port and waterfront development, and leisure facilities in and around. Brisbane High levels of construction activities are expected to continue in preparation for the Olympic Games, which will be hosted in Brisbane in 2032.

Working with our Australian sales partners, The Environmental Group Limited (EGL WASTE SERVICES) ( solo supplier of Turmec products and services in Australia), this project follows our successful delivery of a major waste construction materials processing facility for Bingo Industries at Eastern Creek, just outside Sydney, in 2021.

Rino 1

THE Ongoing Project

The new shed for the state-of-the-art recycling facility at Rino now has all the structural steel in place, and keeping with making the 2032 Olympics “the sustainable Olympics”, this facility holds the same capacity as 20 Olympic swimming pools.

Integrating both wet and dry processes, the ground-breaking hybrid plant is set to dramatically improve waste recovery rates in the Brisbane metropolitan area and divert high-value construction materials away from landfills.
Combining their specialisms in wet and dry processing, CDE and Turmec together will engineer an interconnected system that will work in harmony to accept incoming feedstock at first, processed via Turmec’s tried and tested dry mixed recyclables plant to separate fines and remove contaminants before processing through CDE’s advanced wash plant solution to produce a range of recycled sand and aggregates of virgin material quality. Linked by a network of conveyors, waste material will transition seamlessly between the wet and dry systems without manual input.

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