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Turmec Australia Announces Exciting New Partnership with the Environmental Group Limited (EGL)

Turmec, the global leader in designing, building, and installing cutting-edge waste processing and recycling solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant development in its mission to revolutionize waste management in Australia. Turmec has officially signed an agency agreement with the Environmental Group Limited (EGL), a move set to enhance customer access to Turmec’s innovative solutions throughout the continent.

EGL to Represent Turmec in Australia

Under this new partnership, EGL will serve as Turmec’s authorized representative across Australia. The Environmental Group Limited will not only promote Turmec’s diverse range of products and services but will also offer invaluable support for turnkey projects, plant upgrades, and the supply of essential equipment spare parts. Additionally, EGL will play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional aftersales service programs, a critical component of Turmec’s comprehensive product offering.


Geoff Bailey, Turmec CEO, Expresses Delight

Geoff Bailey, CEO of Turmec, expressed his enthusiasm about the newly forged relationship, stating, “We are delighted with the appointment of EGL as our Australian agents. From their headquarters in Melbourne, they have a presence in every state in Australia, providing Turmec with excellent geographic coverage and a solid foundation to expand our services to the Australian market. EGL boasts a proud record of exceptional customer service and is led by a highly skilled and professional management team. These qualities perfectly align with our vision for a partner that will help us grow and strengthen our market presence in Australia.”


EGL’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Jason Dixon, CEO of EG Group, and former Toxfree executive, shared his insights on this exciting collaboration, emphasizing EGL’s commitment to environmental stewardship. He stated, “We are a leading provider of engineering solutions designed to help our customers protect the environment by increasing recycling and reducing carbon emissions. We are always looking to expand our product range to better serve our customers. Turmec’s stellar reputation for producing high-quality recycling plants makes them an obvious choice to extend our market reach, particularly in the waste processing sector. With our deep sector knowledge and experience, we are well-equipped to support Turmec in selling and deploying its products and services throughout Australia. This collaboration will enable us to offer our customers an enhanced range of innovative services and solutions.”


A Bright Future for Waste Management in Australia

Turmec Australia and EGL’s partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more sustainable waste management practices in Australia. By combining Turmec’s cutting-edge technology and EGL’s commitment to environmental responsibility, this collaboration is set to bring a wave of innovation to the waste processing and recycling sector, benefitting both businesses and the environment.