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Year 2024
Installation of a cutting-edge Bosch ULS 6000 – 6 ton/hr boiler

Tomlinson's Latest Boiler Installation in Country NSW

Year 2021

Location: Eastern Creek Ecology Park in Western Sydney, Australia

THE Project

Tomlinson Engineering recently completed the installation of a cutting-edge Bosch ULS 6000 – 6tonnes/hr boiler, marking yet another milestone in our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to our clients. This state-of-the-art unit comes equipped with a Weishaupt burner featuring variable speed drive (VSD) and O2 trim control, ensuring optimal performance while minimising environmental impact.


Standout Feature

One of the standout features of this installation is the purpose-built silencer mounted on the front of the boiler, effectively reducing noise levels to below 70 dba, thus ensuring a quieter working environment for all stakeholders involved.

Moreover, the boiler itself boasts an in-built economiser, further maximising energy efficiency by harnessing waste heat for additional purposes. But we didn’t stop there. To recover all available excess heat that would otherwise escape up the stack, a second-stage condensing economiser was also incorporated into the system, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to sustainability and resource optimisation.

Key Facts

  • Installation of a Bosch ULS 6000 – 6tonnes/hr boiler
  • Installation of Weishaupt Burner with VSD and O2 Trim Control 
  • 2nd Stage Condensing Economiser 
  •  TDS Blowdown

THE Overall Project

In addition to these advanced features, the system includes TDS blowdown continuous monitoring, allowing for precise control and maintenance of water quality. Furthermore, to provide comprehensive insights into system performance, steam flow, gas flow, and water flow metres were installed alongside efficiency monitoring tools, ensuring that our clients have access to real-time data for informed decision-making.

It’s worth noting that the entire installation was carried out in Country NSW, underscoring our ability to deliver superior solutions even in remote locations. At Tomlinson Engineering, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation while prioritising efficiency, sustainability, and client satisfaction every step of the way.

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