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Addressing wind-induced challenges

Year 2017
Design, supply, and installation of the BINGO recovery site

Design, tuning, procurement, fabrication, testing and installation.

Year 2017

Location: Old Harbour Power Plant, Jamaica, Approximately 1 hour drive from Kingston

Project Scope

  • 3 Units 
  • 3.05m Electric Drive Diverter Damper
  • 35m Bypass Stack (as few pieces as possible)
  • Support Structure
  • Guillotine Duct with Insulated Blanking Plate
  • Platforms & Ladders
  • Tuned Mass Dampers

THE Challenge

In a recent project update, the support structure layout underwent a significant redesign to accommodate site restrictions effectively. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key changes and their implications:

  1. Original Design Efficiency: The initial design featured splayed legs, chosen for their design efficiency and stability.

  2. Adaptation to Site Restrictions: However, due to site constraints, a shift was made to straight legs. This adjustment was necessary to ensure the support structure fit within the designated area without compromising functionality or safety.

  3. Increased Design Time and Weight: The transition from splayed to straight legs required additional design time and meticulous planning. Moreover, the change led to an increase in the support structure’s weight, necessitating careful consideration of load-bearing capacity and structural integrity.

  4. Improved Design: This flexibility in project management allowed for seamless integration of modifications without significant delays or setbacks.

Overall, the redesign of the support structure layout exemplifies the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in construction projects. By addressing site restrictions head-on and implementing strategic adjustments, the project team ensured the successful execution of the support structure within the specified parameters.


The Outcome

Generally speaking, the project has been successful: 

  • Project was delivered on budget
  • Equipment was delivered on time to site, and client is generally happy

Key Facts

  • There were over 141 40 ft shipping containers that left Rathcairn for Australia and 59 from various other destinations in Europe, such as Austria, Germany, and France
  • 150 Conveyors
  • with approx 2500 m of belting and
  • 100 000 bolts were installed on site and in factory assembly

THE Overall Project

Design completed by Flow Engineering in The Netherlands:

The Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) design developed by Flow Engineering utilises a suspended mass to effectively counter specific wind loading, particularly Vortex Shedding phenomena. However, it’s crucial to note that such loading can potentially induce premature fatigue failure of the stack.

To mitigate this risk, the TMD design incorporates several key components. The installation process on-site is relatively straightforward, following these steps

  1. A weighted ring serves as the primary support for the TMD, suspended from suspension bars.
  2. Shock absorbers are strategically employed to control lateral movement of the TMD, ensuring stability and effectiveness.
  3. Rubber buffers play a critical role in preventing direct contact between the TMD and the stack, minimizing potential damage and maximizing operational lifespan.

Through meticulous design and thoughtful implementation, Flow Engineering’s TMD solution offers an efficient and reliable means of addressing wind-induced challenges, contributing to the overall integrity and longevity of the structure.

Project Results/Outcomes 

We embarked on its inaugural collaboration with PTSC Quang Ngai in 2017, marking the commencement of a promising partnership. Here’s an overview of the key highlights from the project:

  1. Seamless Workshop Integration: The workshop’s robust capacity aligns seamlessly with Baltec’s equipment requirements, setting the stage for efficient operations. Notably, the placement of the diverter damper equipment shortly after underscores a well-suited working environment for Baltec’s endeavors.

  2. Responsive Management: PTSC Quang Ngai’s management demonstrates commendable responsiveness and unwavering support throughout the project’s duration. Their proactive approach ensures that any necessary assistance or guidance is readily available, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

  3. Commitment to Quality: Quality standards remain paramount, with Baltec and PTSC Quang Ngai maintaining a keen focus on delivering superior outcomes. Any encountered issues are swiftly identified and rectified, underscoring a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

  4. Successful FAT Performance: Despite being the first time for diverter damper fabrication, the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) performance exceeds expectations. This achievement speaks volumes about the expertise and dedication invested in the project’s execution.

  5. Timely Execution and Cost Management: The project proceeds according to schedule, with all milestones achieved punctually. Furthermore, costs within budgets, reflecting effective project management and meticulous planning.

  6. Challenging Specifications: Notably, the project involves the fabrication of 11-meter-long stack sections, alongside 3.05-meter diverter dampers, presenting unique challenges that are met with adept problem-solving and technical proficiency.

In summary, the inaugural collaboration between Baltec and PTSC Quang Ngai set a promising precedent, characterized by efficient workshop capabilities, responsive management, unwavering commitment to quality, and successful project outcomes. This successful endeavour not only strengthens the partnership but also underscores both parties’ capabilities in delivering exceptional results within challenging parameters. PTSC has been a key fabrication partner for the past 7 years achieving and maintaining both ISO 9001 and EN1090 accreditation.


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